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Breaking a tenancy agreement 

Breaking (terminating/ending) a tenancy agreement

If circumstances occur where you need to terminate your fixed term tenancy agreement before it’s scheduled end date, the following conditions will apply:

  • Payment of rent until a new tenancy commences.
  • Once the property is vacant, you will be responsible to pay advertising subject to government guidelines and the Residential Tenancies Act. The tenant must pay advertising money in advance of advertising being placed by our agency.
  • Any smoke alarm inspection fees.
  • Pay a portion of the letting fee, subject to government guidelines and the Residential Tenancies Act.
  • Ongoing maintenance of the property and gardens (as required during the lease) until the new tenant’s lease commences.
  • Tenants are required to have all carpets within the rental property professionally steam cleaned upon vacating.

It is best to upfront with your property manager and give as much notice as possible.

We will contact with you to discuss the advertising and times available to show prospective new tenants through the property.

If you are unsure about your rights and obligations, give us a call to discuss. If you would like to discuss with the Rental Tenancies Authority, please visit their website at http://www.rta.qld.gov.au for further support.