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Collins Gregory Real Estate Agents Ipswich are your local specialist property management team. We are seeking more investment properties across Ipswich and the surrounding suburbs.

We provide quality property management services to Ipswich and the suburbs in the surrounding region. If you are looking for a great Property Manager who provides your home with the individual attention it desires, we can help. 

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Quality Tenants

Our extensive experience & local knowledge allows us to find great tenants for your property that meet all the important criteria – they keep your investment property well-maintained and pay their rent on time, every time.

We use identity-verification tools, along with strong selection processes regarding employment and past rental history. We reject applications that do not meet our core tenant criteria. 

Our Team are where it matters

Rather than being stuck behind a desk all day, our team are mobile and spend a large part of their day on the road visiting properties and meeting with our customers across our service region.

In addition to your property’s regularly planned inspections, your property manager will monitor your home through curb side drive by visits to ensure that all is in order between scheduled inspections.

Technology & Transparency

We believe the secret to good property management is simple – communication!

We ensure that our owners are kept updated regarding their property. We have chosen to implement the best technology offered in the field of property management.

Owners are provided with access to our Owner Portal, 24/7, to view all the key elements of your investment property including ready access to:

  • finances & reporting;

  • inspections & maintenance

  • lease information and available photos

Your Point of Contact

At Collins Gregory, we adopt a portfolio management approach. This enables us to build relationships with our owners and tenants alike, rather than passing them around from person to person.

This approach ensures that each client and property receives the personal attention they deserve, providing one point of contact for your questions or to chat about your property.

We pride ourselves on regularly communicating with you and providing transparency over your investment. 

We strongly believe that property management should be personalised.

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Key Information about Ipswich, Qld

minutes from Brisbane CBD
Population of Ipswich
% Established Couples & Families

Ipswich is one of Queensland’s oldest towns.  Ipswich is a town in transition and it is growing. It is also a great suburb for savvy investors, or those who are starting to build a portfolio for the future. 

The city has a variety of classic Queenslander-styled homes. People are often surprised to see that there are entire suburbs filled with heritage homes.

A recent new influx of investors, government departments and a university campus has seen the emergence of a cool cafés and lively arts community.

Ipswich is a great place to live, as well as being an excellent location for any investment property owner to hold an investment property portfolio.

Ipswich still has a popular main street, mixed with shops & cafes.
The many suburbs provide a variety of home options for first time investors, seasoned investment professionals and those building growth-focused portfolios.

Being a city on Brisbane’s fringe, Ipswich is home to a board demographic of people. The top groups are made up of established couples and families (16.3%), maturing and established independent people (15.2%) elderly single people (13.5%), older independent people (12.9%) and independent youth (11.7%).

Ipswich is a city that is changing. It is growing in the young family segment, in part because it offers all of the benefits of a metropolitan lifestyle, including a University of Southern Queensland campus, two large hospitals, exceptional schools and public transport options.

Ipswich is city rich in tradition. Narrowly beaten by Brisbane in the race to be Queensland’s capital in 1859 due to it’s success as a mining town. It hosts an impressive number of heritage listed buildings, with many re-purposed for contemporary use.

Ipswich provides easy access to the public transport system
Housing styles in Ipswich vary thanks to a rich history.
Towns Square Shopping Centre is located in Redbank Plains, Qld.

The region is located just 40 minutes west of the Brisbane CBD and is definitely a city in its own right. Recent growth has seen move and more residents move to Ipswich but commute into Brisbane for work. Originally a town with relatively affordable housing, Ipswich has welcomed families who have dreamed of owning their own home.

Governments at many levels have relocated some departments to Ipswich, bringing with it some new residents.

Many fun cafes have popped up on the top end of Brisbane Street which is a perfect match for the local area.

The resident’s shopping needs are meet with many local stores providing all of the necessary items. The Riverlink shopping complex, along with Town Square Redbank Plains, with department stores, supermarkets, speciality stores and some outlet shopping, provides a central shopping experience for the city.

Due to its working class heritage, Ipswich was often overlooked as a suitable option for family living. Luckily, it is now being rediscovered by keen home buyers and renters, hungry to snap up the distinctive local Queenslanders and colonial cottages that line the hills and streets around Ipswich’s central business district.

We support most of the suburbs in Ipswich, Queensland

As a genuinely local agency, we support investors and landlords with properties across the region of Ipswich and South West Brisbane.

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