Free Investor Support Service

Quality property management insights for Investors.

Our free Investor Support Service can assist you to plan your property investment goals and ensure that the maximum return is achieved.

Regardless of which agency you buy your property through, we can assist by providing an independent perspective to help with your decision to purchase, including rental appraisals & market pricing.

Client Feedback about this Service

With many reviews and a 5 Star Google rating, our clients believe in our service. We're proud to provide exceptional outcomes for our owners & investors.

How does it work? It's simple.

You provide the address of your potential new purchase.

We conduct research on past/current sales campaigns, tenant insights and estimated rental appraisal.

We talk through our findings (at no charge), to help you make a better decision about purchase & offer.

This free service includes:

  • Somebody to call to ask questions – allowing you to keep your relationship with the selling/sales agent on your terms. 
  • Comprehensive rental appraisals on ANY local properties you’re looking to purchase (from any local agency).
  • Give a comparable market analysis on each property, including data on the local rental market.
  • Provide insight about what quality tenants are looking for in a property.
  • Give you an understanding about attracting quality tenants for each potential investment.
  • Provide information on past & current sales campaigns, including pricing movements to help with more targeted offers to purchase
  • Offer insight on any works or improvements which may help to achieve higher returns.
  • Offer perspectives on the qualities of particular suburbs (including local amenities and access)
  • Advise on local schools and facilities.
  • Provide reliable general tenancy & legislative information.
  • Offer suggestions on reliable and cost-effective tradespeople, conveyancers and other property related service providers.
  • Arrange transfer of management forms and deliver them for you.
  • Pick up all files, keys and relevant information from other agencies as your appointed Property Management agency. 

Get started online, or give us a call on (07) 3622 6436

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