Maintenance Request

Request Maintenance for your Home

Please complete the below Maintenance Request Form to request non-urgent maintenance. Be sure to provide as much information as possible to help us assess how to attend to your request.

Lease agreements for all Collins Gregory managed rental properties do not authorise tenants to complete repairs directly. If tenants do so, the property owner/landlord is not required to reimburse the associated cost.

If this is an emergency, please call your Property Manager immediately on (07) 3622 6436

If it is after hours, please attempt contact us on (07) 3622 6436 in the first instance. You are then able to review the Emergency Contact List to contact the specialist associated with your maintenance request. If emergency repairs are required, we prefer that you utilise the agency approved suppliers and tradespeople due to the quality of their work and reliability in completing emergency repairs.

For all non-urgent maintenance, please complete the below Maintenance Request Form.

What is considered an emergency?

Maintenance that would be considered an emergency are those items that could potentially cause injury to the tenants or cause damage to the property. For example, this may include:

  • Plumbing pipes that have broken or burst.
  • A broken or blocked toilet.
  • A gas leak, or you smell gas within the home.
  • Significant roof leak.
  • Electrical fault, a damaged powerpoint or live wire.
  • Any flooding or rainwater inside the property, or significant flood damage.
  • A fire, serious storm or impact damage to the property.
  • Any failure or breakdown of the gas, electricity or water supply to the home.
  • Failure of a hot water system (on a weekend).
  • A break in or damage to a door/lock that makes home insecure.
  • Anything likely to injure a person, cause damage or undue inconvenience.



Provide as much detail as possible to enable your request to be actioned quickly & appropriately.



Please review and confirm the required consents for your maintenance request.

Please note that should you not allow a service provider access to the premises, either by working with the service provider to arrange a suitable time or by allowing them to use the agency-held keys, repair works may be delayed.


Please upload any photos, images or files to further detail the maintenance requested. If you have several, please email them separately to hello@collinsgregory.com.au