Helpful Tips

Keys & Lock Outs

We keep a spare set of keys in the Collins Gregory Real Estate office.

Should you have lost your keys or have locked yourself out and you require access, where possible, Collins Gregory Real Estate may be able to deliver keys to you. Please have photographic identification ready as we are not able to give keys to anyone who is not on the lease or not listed as an approved occupant. All lost keys are the responsibility of the tenant.

Please note that you may be charged a call out fee.

Where you have lost your keys, the property may require existing property door locks to be replaced and new keys cut. In this situation, costs may apply for a locksmith or a handyman, along with any key cutting that may be required.

Outside of office hours, tenants will need to contact a locksmith for access at their own expense. Should the locksmith need to replace the locks, a new set of keys will need to be provided to Collins Gregory Real Estate within 48 hours.