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Vacate Guide to Moving Out

So, you want to leave your rental property?

We always encourage our tenants to make contact with us to discuss their situation prior to completing any forms. We can help provide you with advice and guidance about your plans to leave your rental property.

Give us a call on (07) 3622 6436 or email: hello@collinsgregory.com.au 

Collins Gregory Real Estate have prepared this Vacate Guide to assist our tenants in getting your rental premises ready for the final inspection and your bond refund.

Giving Notice

You are required to provide notice to us about you leaving the property. The notice required will depend on the type of lease you have signed.

We encourage you to read this article about Giving Notice.

Bond Refund

For your full bond to be paid quickly, you will need to ensure the following:


Any outstanding rent is paid promptly, up until your vacate date.

Forwarding Address

Provide us with your new address.

Cleaning & Yards

That the property is clean and yards returned to their original condition. Please see our Cleaning Checklist for helpful advice.

Outstanding Accounts

Ensure that any monies outstanding like water, any damages, compensation amounts and break lease fees are paid.


Ensure that all keys and remote controls are returned.

Vacate Date

Your Property Manager will confirm your vacate date with you. You will be required to have all your personal items – including furniture – out of the property, and to have left it in suitable condition for new tenants on this date.

You are also required to continue paying rent until this date, regardless of whether you choose to remain living at the property until the final day or not.

Cleaning & Yard Maintenance

Upon vacating the property, all tenants are required to return the property in the same state as it was provided to you upon commencement of the tenancy, excluding fair wear and tear.

Cleaning often required upon vacating your home can include a ‘bond’ clean, carpet steam cleaning and pest control. Cleaning should be an extensive process and would normally require more effort than just a general clean.

All lawn, gardens and pathways should be tidied. This may require mowing, weeding, edging and removing any rubbish and grass clippings through the yard. Any holes that may have been dug by animals should also be filled in and animal faeces (dog poo) removed.

 Getting some help to clean your rental home

To assist you in completing your cleaning and yard maintenance needs, you may wish to consider engaging a professional cleaning, handyman or gardening service. We have provided the details of some trusted, local providers. 

Click here to review our Preferred Local Supplier Listing.

We have included as part of this pack a Cleaning Check List to help guide your own cleaning efforts. You are welcome to attend to the items in the checklist yourself or provide this listing to your selected cleaning service provider.

Click here to view our Cleaning Checklist for vacate.

We do however recommend having the carpets professionally cleaned to ensure a quality standard in accordance with the terms of your lease agreement, along with getting the best possible result for any stain removal. In our experience, it is worth the small cost.

Returning Keys

All keys and remote controls are to be returned upon the day of handover. Please refer to the provided copy of your Key Register for guidance. Your Property Manager will contact you regarding the arrangements for returning keys.

Vacate Inspection

Your vacate inspection will be booked in with a Property Manager the week prior to your vacate date. It is important that you attend this inspection with your Property Manager to be able to rectify any outstanding items. Unfortunately, there is unlikely to be a further opportunity to attend the property once keys have been handed over as it is accepted that once keys and remotes are returned you are satisfied that the property is in the condition you received it in.

Therefore, it is important that you consider this guide carefully and use it to have the premises ready for the final inspection. Failure to return the premises properly and to rectify any damages occurring during your tenancy may result in costs incurred to you and deductions from your bond.

We are here to help

We understand that moving can sometimes be a stressful, so we encourage you to reach out as soon as possible should you like some assistance or guidance regarding your vacate.

You are welcome to contact our office at any time prior to your vacate to assist with any matters relating to your departure from the property.

Call us on (07) 3622 6436 or email your Property Manager – hello@collinsgregory.com.au