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There isn't much happening in Raceview that Aaron and Anita don't know about. We're proud to provide exceptional local service.

Property Management and Real Estate Agents Raceview, Qld.

Simply better property management.

Collins Gregory Real Estate Agents Raceview are specialist property managers and real estate agents seeking more investment properties in the local area. 

Do you have a rental property in Raceviewand need an agency that can provide with the property management service you need?

Properties located in Raceview require support in relation to property management and proactive maintenance to maintain their quality. It is important to select a quality property management service provider. 

We understand that property investors are generally seeking four things from their Property Manager:

  • Great tenants
  • Rent paid on time, every time
  • Property left in a good condition
  • Great communication & being on top of things!

Collins Gregory will work hard to deliver on these areas and will maximise your return while doing so.

5 star reviews from our Owners


With many reviews and a 5 Star Google rating, our clients believe in our service. We're proud to provide exceptional outcomes for our owners & tenants.

We can help improve your return through exceptional property management. No gimmicks, just genuine service from people who care about your property.

Looking for a Real Estate in Raceview that really delivers?

Quality Tenants

Our extensive experience & local knowledge allows us to find great tenants for your property that meet all the important criteria – they keep your investment property well-maintained and pay their rent on time, every time.

We use identity-verification tools, along with strong selection processes regarding employment and past rental history. We reject applications that do not meet our core tenant criteria. 

Our Team are where it matters

Rather than being stuck behind a desk all day, our team are mobile and spend a large part of their day on the road visiting properties and meeting with our customers across our service region.

In addition to your property’s regularly planned inspections, your property manager will monitor your home through curb side drive by visits to ensure that all is in order between scheduled inspections.

Technology & Transparency

We believe the secret to good property management is simple – communication!

We ensure that our owners are kept updated regarding their property. We have chosen to implement the best technology offered in the field of property management.

Owners are provided with access to our Owner Portal, 24/7, to view all the key elements of your investment property including ready access to:

  • finances & reporting;

  • inspections & maintenance

  • lease information and available photos

Your Point of Contact

At Collins Gregory, we adopt a portfolio management approach. This enables us to build relationships with our owners and tenants alike, rather than passing them around from person to person.

This approach ensures that each client and property receives the personal attention they deserve, providing one point of contact for your questions or to chat about your property.

We pride ourselves on regularly communicating with you and providing transparency over your investment. 

Property management and real estate should be personalised.

If you feel like you're being treated like a number, let us know.

About to purchase an investment property?

Our free Investor Support Service can help. Regardless of which agency you buy your property through, we can assist by providing an independent perspective to help with your decision to purchase.

Property Managers and Real Estate Agents for Raceview

Raceview is located in the southern part of Ipswich city. The suburb itself has an approximate area of 6 km².

It is surrounded by the suburbs of Blackstone, Churchill, Eastern Heights, Flinders View, Ipswich, Silkstone and Swanbank.

The average rent in Raceview is $340 per week, providing a great return on investment for well maintained properties that are tenanted with quality tenants. 

The suburb provides a strong potential future with respect to the growth of the local population. Transport infrastructure throughout Ipswich is under development, along with the development of essential services. This upward growth is hoped to provide additional employment opportunities, along with affordable housing. 

Property management services in Raceview require a proactive approach in relation to tenant selection and placement for landlords. 

Our Tips for Successful Owners

We share share some helpful ways that you can maximise the returns from your investment property. It is full of useful information, giving you confidence that your property’s management is in good hands.