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With our free Property Health Check, you can see if you are getting the most out of your rental portfolio. You can check your rental pricing and local market trends for your suburb.

Are you missing out on lost rental income?
An accurate rental appraisal will assess the market in its current state and identify trends allowing you to plan for future changes in rent.

What is the best way to advertise your vacant property?
Every property that sits vacant costs its landlord money. Knowing how to effectively re-let a rental property requires a marketing budget and the right strategies to get maximum exposure.

What improvements can maximise your investment return?
Knowing what tenants are looking for in a property is vital to attracting and maintaining a good quality occupant. It could also mean attracting a higher rent.

How do I safe guard my investment for the long term?
Addressing tenancy agreement lengths, insurance and the condition of the property will aid in ensuring your investment delivers now and well into the future.

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