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Entry & Exit Condition Reports

Two of the most important documents in any tenancy are the entry and exit condition reports. In the vast majority of cases, a significant majority of tenancies end on positive note with no disputes or issues. These end of tenancies are clear cut enough that bond deductions are agreed upon without the need to escalate […]

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What is fair wear and tear?

The concept of fair wear and tear has been the cause of many bond disputes over time! Unfortunately, this situation and occurrence is likely to continue, as the term itself is not clearly defined in any Act or Regulation that applies to property or property management. The RTA provides the following limited guidance on the […]

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Charging tenants for water consumption

Aaron AthornDirector & Business OwnerPhone:  (07) 3622 6436Email: hello@collinsgregory.com.au Charging tenants for water consumption isn’t as straight forward and sending them a bill. In Queensland, a tenant is required to pay the water consumption charges if: The Tenant ‘s water service to the Property is individually metered; and The Property is Water Efficient; and The […]

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Accessing the Owners Portal

One of the benefits of choosing Collins Gregory Real Estate is that we provide you with direct access to an online Portal. This is where you can access your property and financial information online, at anytime. As a first-time user, you will need to connect your property. To do this, you simply need your email […]

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