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Charging tenants for water consumption

Aaron Athorn
Director & Business Owner
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Charging tenants for water consumption isn’t as straight forward and sending them a bill.

In Queensland, a tenant is required to pay the water consumption charges if:

  • The Tenant ‘s water service to the Property is individually metered; and
  • The Property is Water Efficient; and
  • The general Tenancy Agreement specifies that an amount of water consumption is payable by the tenant.

For a property to be water efficient, a licensed Plumber needs to provide a certification stating this which can then held on file to enable a Property Manager to pass on water consumption charges.

Water efficient devices may need to be installed, such as new shower heads and other water saving devices. Depending on the types water saving devices in the home, a home may already be water efficient and simply require a certification to be put into place.

A plumber should provide this certification in written form as it may be used to rely upon at a later date.

If you already hold a water efficiency certificate, provided in writing by a licensed Plumber, you can easily provide it to your Property Manager.

If you require some assistance in having your property certified as water efficient, just let us know.

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