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As an investment property owner, it is important to understand that regular maintenance and repairs are an important part of upkeep for your property.

There are also some repairs in particular that must be carried out by licensed professionals for good reason. These are plumbing and electrical repairs. In these instances, it is far wiser to organise a professional to carry out these repairs via a reputable professional.


At no time is it acceptable for a property owner to visit their rental property without the appropriate permission. Tenants are legally entitled to quiet enjoyment of a rental and this includes the right to their privacy. If the owners show up whenever they please the tenants may feel as though their privacy and rights are being compromised.

Safety for you and the residents

Unless you are a fully qualified plumber or electrician it is incredibly unsafe for you to carry out these sorts of repairs directly.

The risk of injury or death when electrical repairs are done by someone without the qualifications can be devastating and where plumbing is concerned, a number of problems can arise and create a larger problem, along with associated with health risks.

If an accident does not occur during the repair stage then there is every possibility that it can happen afterwards when the residents are home.


DIY or ‘fly by nighter’ providers may seem appealing at times because of cost. Professional repairers do cost more than doing it yourself or then engaging an inexperienced provider, but there is good reason for that – their guarantee. Professionals have the right qualifications and guarantees to cover their work. This ensures the job is done correctly the first time and if it’s not, they are responsible for coming back to remedy this.

If electrical or plumbing repairs are not completed correctly, you could end up pay a lot more in the long run. The problem could be made worse and you may still need to engage a professional to repair a bigger job at a higher cost.

If you would like to avoid the added stress of plumbing and electrical repairs, contact us to discuss your needs.

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