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Urban Utilities Electronic Billing Setup

Aaron Athorn
Director & Business Owner
Phone:  (07) 3622 6436
Email: hello@collinsgregory.com.au

Setting up Urban Utilities so that your investment property water bills are sent straight to us for payment has never been easier.

Do it all online.

In order to make the change, you will need a copy of your recent Urban Utilities water bill for your specific investment property. 

  1. Simply visit this link: https://urbanutilities.com.au/business/accounts-and-billing/paperless-billing 
  2. select the “Ipswich” Council region
  3. Complete the verification fields using a Urban Utilities notice
  4. Type in our email address as the Paperless billing option:  hello@collinsgregory.com.au
  5. Click the green Submit button to complete.

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