Helpful Tips

Cleaning Checklist for Vacate

Cleaning is an important part of vacating your rental property.  Upon vacating the property, all tenants are required to return the property in the same state as it was provided to you upon commencement of the tenancy, excluding fair wear and tear. Review our Vacate Guide for more helpful tips when moving out. Cleaning often […]

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Vacate Guide to Moving Out

So, you want to leave your rental property? We always encourage our tenants to make contact with us to discuss their situation prior to completing any forms. We can help provide you with advice and guidance about your plans to leave your rental property. Give us a call on (07) 3622 6436 or email: hello@collinsgregory.com.au  […]

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How we manage rent arrears

Aaron AthornDirector & Business OwnerPhone:  (07) 3622 6436Email: hello@collinsgregory.com.au A common issue experienced by Landlords can be tenants who are constantly falling behind in the payment of their rent. When a tenant is in rental arrears, it can become a rather costly situation for the Landlord. This can be particularly true if the agent does […]

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Entry & Exit Condition Reports

Two of the most important documents in any tenancy are the entry and exit condition reports. In the vast majority of cases, a significant majority of tenancies end on positive note with no disputes or issues. These end of tenancies are clear cut enough that bond deductions are agreed upon without the need to escalate […]

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